Multiscale Imaging Lecture

Contact person


Eva Lorentzen

Imaging has become a central instrument for the investigation of cellular processes in organisms. Using a variety of imaging modalities, ranging from optical microscopy to whole-body imaging, we investigate the organ specific mechanisms and consequences of inflammation. Our approach – multiscale imaging – refers to the strategy to examine inflammatory processes through the integration of different imaging methods. Together, these cover the spatial dimensions from individual cells to the organism and follow pathologies over time, thereby improving our understanding of the “big picture”. Such an integral view requires the development of chemical and mathematical methods that bridge the different imaging modalities. This strategy holds the promise of a future transfer of methodological developments applied to disease models to clinical diagnostic imaging in patients.

Date and lecturers

Wednesday 12.02.2020, 16:00-17:00
University Hospital Münster (level 05 East, conference room 403)

Xiaoyi Jiang (Institute of Computer Science): Computational analysis of large multiscale imaging data
Lars Linsen (Institute of Computer Science): Interactive analysis of large multiscale imaging data


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