Paper of the Month Award, September 2022

Contact person

Prof. Dr. med.

Nana-Maria Wagner

The September Paper of the Month, awarded by the Medical Faculty, University of Münster goes to Laura Brabenec (first author) and Prof. Dr. med. Nana-Maria Wagner (last author and principal investigator in the clinical research unit) for the publication “Targeting Procalcitonin Protects Vascular Barrier Integrity”.
The publication is based on the research programme of the clinical research unit and illustrates a causal involvement of the procalcitonin-dependent signal transduction in capillary leaks occurring in connection with sepsis and operations on the basis of parallel and complementary studies on patients and test animals. These investigations lead to a new pharmacological therapy option for capillary leaks in systemic inflammation associated with hyperprocalcitonemia.

Laura Brabenec, Melanie Müller , Katharina E M Hellenthal, Ole S Karsten, Heorhii Pryvalov, Mandy Otto, […] Andreas Margraf, Astrid F Nottebaum, Jan Rossaint, Alexander Zarbock, Dietmar Vestweber, Volker Gerke, Nana-Maria Wagner
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Vol 206, Iss 4, pp 488–500; Published: AUG 2022