Paper of the Month Award, August 2020

Contact person

KFO 342 Principal investigator PD Dr. med. Nana-Maria Wagner

PD Dr. med.

Nana-Maria Wagner

The August Paper of the Month, awarded by the Medical Faculty, University of Münster goes to Mandy Otto (first author) and PD Dr. med. Nana-Maria Wagner (last author and principal investigator in the clinical research unit) for the publication “12(S)-HETE mediates diabetes-induced endothelial dysfunction by activating intracellular endothelial cell TRPV1”.
The publication is based on the research programme of the clinical research unit and illustrates the molecular pathways of a therapeutic approach in diabetes-induced endothelial dysfunction.

Mandy Otto, Clarissa Bucher, Wantao Liu, Melanie Müller, Tobias Schmidt, Marina Kardell, Marvin Noel Driessen, Jan Rossaint, Eric R Gross, Nana-Maria Wagner
Volume: ‏ 130, Issue: ‏9, Pages: 4999-5010; Published: AUG 2020