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Effect of Propofol versus sevoflurane on the renoprotective effects of remote ischemic preconditioning (RIPC) in high-risk patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Principal investigators

KFO 342 Principal investigator PD Dr. med. Melanie Meersch

Prof. Dr. med.

Melanie Meersch

PD Dr. med.

Jan Rossaint


Purpose Remote ischemic preconditioning (RIPC) has been shown to effectively reduce acute kidney injury (AKI) in high-risk patients after cardiac surgery. The anesthetic Propofol seems to have a preconditioning blocking effect. The RIPC effects are associated with early and transient increases of the two cell cycle arrest markers tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2 (TIMP-2) and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 7 (IGFBP7). The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of different anesthetic regimens on the RIPC required changes in [TIMP-2]*[IGFBP7] levels.

This study is designed as a single center, randomized controlled, clinical trial among high-risk patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. Patients are randomized to receive either Propofol +sham-RIPC, Propofol+RIPC, sevoflurane +sham-RIPC or Sevoflurane +RIPC. The primary endpoint is the change in urinary [TIMP2]*[IGFBP7] levels. Secondary outcomes include the incidence of AKI within 72h after cardiac surgery according to the KDIGO (Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes) definition.

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Project team

Dr. rer. nat.

Stephanie Licher

Dr. rer. nat.

Katharina Thomas

PD Dr. med.

Jan Rossaint